ASICMiner Block Erupter Blade 10.7gh/s Miner (Rev2)

ASICMiner Block Erupter Blade 10.7ghs Miner (Rev2) photo 001

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ASICMiner Block Erupter Blade 10.7gh/s Miner (Rev2)
The product is good but the current price is not worth it!!
I bought 5 of these about 8 days ago @ $187 each
At these prices over $250 its kinda not worth it.
With bitcoins over $600 every body seems to think these are worth more…
But the sellers don’t take in to account the amount of time to make your money back.

I want to buy 5 more but I will wait til they drop again… Which they will, these have gone up and down every 7 days or so for about a 3 months… It don’t make since…

The product is good but don’t buy when they are over $200… They will come back down!!!

Yes you will need fans, these get very hot…
Great hashrate, great price, great service, fast shipping
Mine hashes at 11.3 Gh/s steady and has never dropped below 10.9 Gh/s unless I am restarting it. Uses 83w of power. This thing is the most bang for the buck under $500 and much easier to set up.

You need a 2-1, 4-pin molex splitter to plug into the provided power adapter which it doesn’t come with, but they can be found on Amazon for less than $2.

I’d recommend Jones Gear as a seller on Amazon, I ordered my 1st Blade on a Tuesday (10/29) and received it vie USPS (the notoriously slowest postal service in my area) on Friday! Customer service was great, with my inquiries being answered almost as quick as I could send them in!

I bought mine for $271, and just ordered another b/c they had dropped to $187! That’s less than 1/2 the price of Butterfly Lab’s cheapest and TWICE as fast. ASICMiner, FTW.

Description : Rev 2 ASICMiner Blades are locked at 10.7 gh/s and are modular in design. Purchasing an ASICMiner blade requires some level of electrical knowledge. Power connector is included, but will need to be attached to a molex or pcie connector as referenced in the guide.
Features :

  • Mines bitcoins at 10GH/s.
  • Version 2 Block Erupter Blade from ASICMiner.
  • NOTE: These are not plug-and-play devices. They require a separate power source, power connector, ethernet connection, and (potentially) a local mining proxy.

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