ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone)

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ZTE Valet Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone)
Good Android Device and Phone
I just received my ZTE Valet today. I played with it for about 4 hours and so far I like it. I’ve been customizing it, downloading apps and testing them. It runs every app that I have on my Galaxy Tablet and just as fast. I tested it as an Android device, using my home Wifi. Haven’t activated it yet, so haven’t tested it as a phone, except testing the supplied ringtones which are very few. I’ll provide an additional review once I’ve had a chance to test it as a phone.

I transferred my contact list over from the LG840 using bluetooth. Piece of cake.

I ran a couple of aviation/navigation apps using the built-in GPS receiver. It’s very good. Sitting in my house about 6′ from the window, it picked up 7 satellites.

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========== Part 2 – Added on 10/14/2013 ============

This part of my review focuses on how the…
Perfect for my needs/wants and well worth 99 bucks
Are there much better Android phones available right now? Of course there are. There isn’t, however, anything that I would more highly recommend for a Tracfone user who wants to use it for the things that I want to use mine for. A few years ago, reps at some major mobile service providers would almost become hostile at the mention that I wanted to have a smartphone but I didn’t want to have a data plan. They would parrot off some stupid lines about not using the phone to its potential or some other garbage as justification for the fact that their company would not allow you to activate and use a smartphone without paying for their expensive monthly data plans. I have had a plan like that before, and I only ever used data a few times a week. For the most part I have access to wifi 90 percent of the day, and I do like to be able to pull out my phone to check email, look something up, and use/update a few apps that I like. It

It was not worth 30-40 bucks to me to have all…

Description : The ZTE Valet is an Android phone available for Tracfone service. The Valet includes Triple Minutes for life but also gives you the added bonus of three separate balances; minutes, texts and data. Each time you add minutes to your Valet you will receive triple the amount of minutes along with texts and data. Example: Add 200 Minutes and Receive 600 Minutes and 600 Texts and 600 MB of Data. The Valet has a 3.5″ touchscreen, 3MP Camera with video, bluetooth, access to the Google Play store, Wi-Fi, GPS, and much more. THIS PHONE IS FOR USE WITH TRACFONE SERVICE ONLY!
Features :

  • Android Phone for Tracfone Service
  • Triple Minutes for Life; Separate Balance for Minutes, Texts and Data (Example: Add 200 Minutes and Receive 600 Minutes and 600 Texts and 600 MB of Data)
  • Android 4.1
  • 3 MP Camera with Video Recorder
  • 3.5″ Touchscreen

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